What We Buy 
Low Grade Non Ferrous Scraps
  • Engine/Liner/Radiator/Pressure plate/Transmission/Booster/Air-con compressor/Motors
  • Piston /Crankshaft /Profiler etc.,
  • E-WASTES eg. PCB etc.,
  • Low grade copper wires
Weight scales parts - all types

Industrial Cooking Coal

Sewing Machines - (Singles needles Lockstitch & 3 Threads over Lock machines)

School Furniture - Table & Chairs

General commodities for school uses.

Fruits/Vegetable/Perishable foods etc.,
  • Onion /Carrot / Ginger/Potatoes/Garlic etc.,
  • Apple/Oranges etc.,
  • Frozen foodstuffs - E.g Fish etc.,

Plastics Used Materials
  • PP Woven or non woven  (white color )
  • PP hard like washing machine cases
  • PP hard transparent like fruit boxes
  • PP hard or woven new cuttings factory ends
  • HDPE film - black agriculture uniformed films (all HD only no mixed of LDPE)
  • HDPE (blow grade) milk bottle natural transparent color
  • HDPE (injection grade) crates, case, buckets, pail etc., (no black color otherwise price will be cheap)
  • HDPE (blow grade) black pipes
  • PET bottles 
  • Mixed bottles HDPE/PET - 4/4/2

Industrial copper wastes
  • Oxide
  • Sludge
  • Powder form
  • Mud

Ferrous scraps