About Us



Silver Dragon Resources Singapore Pte Ltd is committed to the following objective for which it was constituted.

  • To enhance the capability to produce better usable products by using recycled materials.
  • Improve community recycling performance.

  • Improving primary waste material into a secondary products as a subsitute for a virgin products.

  • Able to distribute product needs and to develop new business partnerships for the company and/or group of companies to improve the market value

  • Reduce waste for the benefits of having a greener environment.


We aim to be your reliable global business trading partner!  We welcome professional business partners in entering /investing in our manufacturing plants such as Manufacturing of Aluminium Ingots, Supply of Transformers etc.,
We already in the progress of joint ventures on the manufacturing projects such as Steel Bar/Deformed bars/Angle Bars etc., Lead Ingot, Plastic pelletizing, E-wastes dismantling and smelting, Copper slag/blisters.

What we do

We buy/indent all types of metal and plastic, for the purposes of sorting them out according to its type and use. After these materials are sorted, it will be proceed to the second stage for manufacturing or export purpose.


We also sell customizing production of aluminium pots and pans.