We, Silver Dragon Resources Singapore Pte Ltd in Singapore established in March 2012 with a volume turnover annually of 30,000 mts for Non-Ferrous Metals Scraps and 60,000 mts for Ferrous Metals scrap with the expertise and knowledge in both technical and market terrain.

We, Silver Dragon Resources Singapore Pte Ltd., is also a subsidiary of Silver Dragon Holding Inc., Philippines.  We serve as a trading and marketing arm in Singapore while Portal Steels Inc., &  Silver Dragon Resources Inc., Philippines are our manufacturing arms in the Philippines.

Under Philippines Operations:

I)  Silver Dragon Resources Inc., Philippines

1)  Non-ferrous/special alloy scraps

2)  Ferrous Scraps

3)  Plastic Scraps such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET etc., (flakes, grind & regrind)

4)  Agri-products & other fast moving consumer products

5)  Fully integrated logistic such as trucking, handling, brokerage, warehousing

II)  Portal Steels Inc., Philippines

1)  Manufacturing of Plastic/steel school chairs suppy to Department of Education (DepEd) and private institutions

2)  Manufacturing of plastic pellet for PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS etc.,

3)  Manufacturing of Aluminium products (domestic) and good ingots

4)  Manufacturing of Copper Slug (from natural ore, industrial & E-wastes)

5)  Manufacturing of Steel Billets and Rebar in Carmona, Cavite.

6)  Supplier of various imported products to government agencies in the Philippines

III)  New project - manufacturing & distributor of tobacco

IV)  Trading and supplies of general merchandises.

V)  We Silver Dragon Resources Singapore Pte Ltd., are being nominated by the Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT) India as authorized agency to conduct pre-shipment inspections and issue PSIC for your cargo destined to India for Singapore and Philippines scrap metal materials.

We have a dedicated team of managers and staffs who are rich in knowledge and experience from various industries. With our vision of working together as a family to fulfill our valuable customer’s needs in order to manage the gain of trust of many customers.  We have an excellent customer-base and are constantly looking to expand our operations through the development of relationships with new local and international customers.  Once again, Welcome to our website!

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